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Enjoy worry-free downtime while your hotel or motel continues to thrive with GuestPoint. Our trusted partnerships with leading relief manager agencies ensure seamless operations. Leave your property in capable hands for sales, marketing, front office, and more. Contact us today for a reliable relief manager and peace of mind.

RMT Solutions:

Richard Temple and RMT Solutions offer flexible and customised relief management solutions specifically designed for the rural and remote hotel/motel sector. RMT Solutions is a renowned hospitality company known for providing top-quality relief services to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry across Australia. They have a stellar reputation as suppliers of short-term, semi-permanent, and long-term relief options.

RMT Solutions provides a range of services and skills to meet your specific needs, including Sales & Marketing, Labour & Amenities Costs management, Restaurant and Bar operations, Conference support, Front office assistance, cash flow management, and even refurbishments.

Visit their website today to make an inquiry or book a relief manager who suits your requirements. RMT Solutions and Richard Temple are committed to ensuring the smooth operation of your establishment and delivering the relief management expertise you need.


Phone: 0412 567 214


Fred and Di Collie from offer a plethora of motel operation and management options, including online and onsite training,  recruitment, and business support including management tools. is a well-renowned business for motel operations and management training. As experienced relief and permanent motel managers have the tools and knowledge to provide high-end training. Ensuring they keep up with current trends and processes all whilst Di and Fred remain active in relief management. have a highly detailed recruitment process tailored to find your motel the perfect fit when looking for a permanent manager. With over 25 years of experience in recruitment and selection, your recruitment process is in good hands. They have an impressive reputation built through their thorough selection process. 

 To enquire about training or recruitment visit their website. Gain invaluable knowledge from some of the industry’s best as prides themselves on supporting every stakeholder within the motel industry in attaining their goals. You are in safe hands with 


Phone: 0473 218 281

The Good Knights:

Your Trusted Relief Management Partner

Led by Julia and Brian, The Good Knights provide premium and affordable relief management solutions. Specialising in caravan parks and motels along the east coast of Australia, particularly in NSW and QLD, they excel in popular property management systems like GuestPoint, RMS, and Satin, ensuring smooth transitions and effective property management.

With a focus on placing highly trained and experienced team members in motels nationwide, The Good Knights offer temporary and permanent relief management options. They prioritise expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence.

The Good Knights understand the importance of finding the right relief manager for your property. Their comprehensive service includes:


  1. Regular Job Openings: Bulletins posted every Tuesday and Thursday list available relief management positions. This platform allows relief managers to browse opportunities and showcase their qualifications, references, and photos, enabling you to select a reliable partner.
  2. Training: The Good Knights provide exceptional training and support to their relief managers and property owners. They equip their team with the skills and knowledge needed to handle motel and caravan park management effectively.
  3. Tailored Solutions: Recognising each property’s uniqueness, The Good Knights offer customised relief management solutions. Whether you need temporary management during peak seasons, support for long-term absences, or ongoing relief management, they adapt to your property’s challenges and ensure a seamless transition between managers.


With an outstanding reputation, expertise, and personalised approach, The Good Knights are the trusted choice for exceptional relief management services in the caravan park and motel industry. Rely on The Good Knights for reliability and excellence in relief management.


Phone: 0412 005 537


Caretakers Australia

Caretakers Australia has been offering permanent recruitment and relief management services to various accommodation properties for more than 25 years. With our extensive experience, expertise, network, and well-established processes, we are well-equipped to find the perfect candidates for your needs.

We specialise in finding suitable staff members for your business. Our Relief Manager teams have a wealth of experience in various sectors of the Accommodation Industry, having previously owned or managed relevant businesses.


Phone: 1300 972 947


Australian Relief Management (ARM)

Australian Relief Management (ARM) specialises in providing relief management services for property owners, development projects, financial institutions, and accommodation brand management. They offer top-notch executive and consulting services in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors throughout Australia.

Our comprehensive range of services includes day-to-day and long-term relief management for operational needs, receiverships, facilitating change of ownership, accommodation development support, and emergency management for distressed holiday properties.

ARM recognizes that each property has unique criteria and procedures. This understanding sets us apart, as our managers are trained to adapt swiftly to various styles of accommodation and overcome any challenges they may face.


Phone: 1300 735 433

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