Cloud Based Owner Accounting Software

Trust Accounting can be a real pain, but it doesn’t need to be. GuestPoint Owner Accounting is a next generation trust accounting module that is revolutionising strata management. 

GuestPoint Owner Accounting

The majority of your time is spent in your PMS, so why put up with a system that slows you down? GuestPoint is a powerful and easy to use system that has been helping small to medium sized properties manage their bookings for over 12 years. Now, with our next-generation Owner Accounting Module, you too can enjoy GuestPoint’s intuitive design and powerful functionality.

Realtime Dashboard gives you all the most important information at a glance, without the need to run a report

GuestPoint Owner Accounting is designed to give you the information you need, fast.

Equal Distribution function allows you to easily monitor and adjust distribution of funds amongst units

Our unique revenue-based approach delivers unparalleled accuracy in determining which units have received their fair share.

Intuitively designed 3 way reconciliation means you are NEVER out of balance

Our Owner Accounting module constantly updates your reconciliation to make sure it is always in balance.

Zero Commission, Zero Hidden Fees

Unlike other providers, GuestPoint will never charge a commission, or additional per-booking fees. We have a monthly subscription based on the number of rooms you manage, and that’s it. Simple! 

Booking Overview Tab lets you easily view and edit all bookings for the month

With our Booking Overview Tab you can now view the distribution status of any booking without having to open it.

Easily move guests mid-stay without creating more work for yourself

Moving a guest part way through a stay is already hard enough, and your system shouldn’t make it harder. GuestPoint Owner Accounting makes it easy.

Easily manage your group bookings and group accounts

GuestPoint PMS is known for exceptional Group Booking functionality, and  GuestPoint Owner Accounting takes this to the next level.

Easily set-up and manage permanent rental leases

Creating, managing and monitoring permanent rentals has never been easier. 

Change of Ownerships are now more simple than ever

GuestPoint Owner Accounting makes onboarding new owners simple and easy, with intuitive tools to ensure a smooth transition. 

One touch reporting and exports right where you need them

Give yourself the ability to generate, print or export documents straight from the area you are working in.

GuestPoint Owner Accounting allows you to hold funds for an upcoming expense without worrying about throwing out your reconciliation.

Save time and headaches with our one-click end of month process

GuestPoint Owner Accounting takes the stress out of this critical task, with flexible and intuitive tools that help you solve issues fast.