Access Your Information On the Go

GuestPoint uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives your the best of both worlds, online and onsite. 

Online All The Time

GuestPoint’s cloud-based software is built to bring ease and time efficiency to running and managing daily operations. At GuestPoint, we ensure our clients operate in a secure environment and have a number of technical services in place to ensure your property management remains uninterrupted no matter the scenario:

GuestPoint Channel Manager Integration

Secure Online Backup

GuestPoint continuously synchronizes your data up to the GuestPoint Cloud Server, where it is regularly backed up and encrypted.

Work Offline or Online

GuestPoint uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives you the best of both worlds. Your data is stored at your property and online. You can keep working even when the internet is down.

Web Mode

You can access your data on the Cloud Server from anywhere in the world. Just load GuestPoint on your laptop and log in using Web Mode.

Simplify your operations, manage your revenue, and create great experiences with GuestPoint.

Property Management System - GuestPoint