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Maximise Booking Potential with the GuestPoint Channel Manager

The GuestPoint Channel Manager offers a cloud-based solution with quick updates, extended booking periods, access to Google Hotels and GDS via Reconline, and a tailored integration with your PMS, making it an ideal choice for managing your property’s online channels.

guestpoint's channel manager links to AirBnb, Agoda, Trivago and more

Discover the difference in your property's online distribution strategy with GuestPoint Channel Manager

Maximise Your Exposure

Maximise your property's exposure and reduce administration tasks by aligning to your target markets through GuestPoint's Channel Manager

Increase Your Revenue with the Right Channels

Increasing your revenue requires access to the right distribution channels. You can easily connect to the most effective channels for your property. 

Experience a Premium Product at a Low-Cost

GuestPoint Channel Manager is a premium product available for a competitive price.

One Centralised Location

Effortlessly manage all of your inventory from one centralised location within GuestPoint PMS.

Maximise Profit

With GuestPoint, you can access the most profitable channels for your property at a low-cost, allowing you to increase your revenue and maximize your bottom line.

Complete Business Solution

Specifically built platform designed to integrate seamlessly with GuestPoint PMS. The GuestPoint all-in-one solution allows you to manage your inventory more efficiently, from the one place.

Real-Time Availability

No more double bookings, our cloud-based solution provides real-time updates across all channels from start to finish.

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GuestPoint Channel Manager Features:

Greater Distribution

Expand your property bookings significantly by connecting to multiple distribution channels, including Google Hotels.

GuestPoint Property Management System - Channel Manager

Central Platform

Effortlessly manage your distribution channels, reservations, and payments from one centralized platform.

Simple Rate Management

Leverage insights to ensure that your room rates are priced competitively, as well as the ability to update and change online availability in seconds.  

Meta Search (Google Hotels)

GuestPoint Channel Manager gives you access to the world’s largest online market, using metasearch platforms like Google Hotels and TripAdvisor, to reach consumers on desktop and mobile devices, providing a seamless experience and increasing your bottom line

GDS Connection

Connect to the GDS with GuestPoint Channel Manager to access a vast network of travel agents and corporate bookers, increasing the visibility of your property and driving more bookings.

GuestPoint Channel Manager Price Guide

GuestPoint has flexible options to suit your property’s needs. 


Starting at:
$ 60
  • Free Google Hotels
  • Access to the GDS
  • Access Leading OTA's


Starting at:
$ 80
  • Free Google Hotels
  • Access to the GDS
  • 100+ Leading OTA's

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Simplify your operations, manage your revenue, and create great experiences with GuestPoint.

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