Online Reputation

Why Online Reputation is Important for more Bookings

Having good guest reviews online gives your property credibility against your competitors. These online reviews develop your property’s online reputation. As a result, your online reputation allows your guest to formulate a judgment of your property before they even book to stay.


Nicholas Albertini

Nicholas Albertini


Importance of Guest Reviews

When preparing for a trip, the guest’s first instinct is to check online. The accommodation properties with the best online reputations will appear first. As a result, these properties secure more bookings, and generate more revenue. Therefore, reviews are just as important as value and location, as it is a direct comparison between you and your competitors.

How to Encourage Good Reviews?

Firstly, to get good reviews, you need to offer an experience that excites your guests, give your guest something to talk about! What makes your property stand out from the rest, and leave your guest’s with a lasting memory? Once a guest has notably enjoyed their stay, let them know which site to leave a review, and how to navigate to that review site. Or, you can follow-up with a thank you email after their stay.

Don't Avoid the Negative

Negative reviews do occur, but you need to approach them before they damage your online reputation. By responding to negative reviews efficiently, people browsing your accommodation online will see your response to the negative review, rather than the review alone. A way to prevent negative reviews is to offer a pathway for guests to communicate. As a result, you can fix problems before a guest shares a bad experience online.

A Good Reputation in Action

The Strella Motel Yamba is an exemplary example of a good online reputation, in action.

When conducting an online search for Yamba Accommodation, The Strella Motel is the first rank accommodation provider. This in turn, results in more bookings and more revenue.

But what is the secret? The secret is simple, the Strella Motel’s number one priority is personalised customer service. They make the customer feel valued from the start of their stay to the very end, ensuring all aspects of their holiday go to plan. This is expressed in the small details such as giving guests a tour of the property, providing direction on how to get to the beach, and the best spots to eat local. This approach thoroughly impresses guests, leaving them feeling well looked after, and in a position to write a positive review.

Summary of Why Online Reputation is Important for More Bookings

In the accomodation industry, your property’s online reputation allows guests to formulate an opinion of your property before they even book. Also, a positive online reputation will rank your property above your competitors. Therefore, it is important to follow-up the negative reviews effeciently, and praise good reviews from your guests.

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