November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the GuestPoint Newsletter! In this issue, we look into some new technologies that could benefit your property. Discover the benefits an all-in-one PMS solution can have on your property. Explore valuable management tips and enhance your GuestPoint experience with Tips and Tricks. Learn about our exciting new updates, we also reveal our properties of the month. GuestPoint has a limited time offer for you! And finally, try and beat this month’s brain teasing trivia.

Industry News

What technologies should you look to adopt?

In hospitality, new technologies have always been at the forefront of an enhanced guest experience. The introduction of self-check-in and electric vehicle (EV) chargers is no different. 


Benefits of Self-Service 


There are a plethora of benefits associated with a self-check-in system, leading this is speed and efficiency. This allows guests to breeze through the check-in process, allowing for a reduced wait time. 


This innovative approach saves time for both the guests and staff, it creates efficiency through advanced technologies. It affects all areas of the operation, ranging from your property’s reputation to profit margins. 


With more time available this allows you to focus and enhance the guest experience, creating less stress within the work environment and allowing for a happier team which leads to increasing guest satisfaction.

Benefits of EV Chargers 

Currently, Australia only has access to 3700 public charging stations at around 2100 different locations. This lack of charging options heavily discourages EV owners from travelling. This is due to the fear of running out of charge on the road. To combat this challenge many of these travellers have apps that can plan out a route that allows them to charge and keep active on the road. 


So if your property was to have a publicly accessible EV charging station this would increase the flow of consumers coming in and out of your property extensively. This prior trip planning could then favour your property. This creates greater convenience for guests as they would be able to charge their vehicles overnight, whilst also attracting the ever-growing segment of eco-centred travellers, hosting a new selling point. 


The perceived benefits of an EV charger aren’t just limited to guest satisfaction, this decision also increases the reputation of your property. It creates a unique opportunity to put your best foot forward within the eco-friendly space, also if you are the first property to offer this service in your area it creates a niche competitive advantage. 

Challenges of Implementing these new technologies 

The challenge that first comes to mind when thinking of implementing these new technologies is cost. As cost is a large part of being able to install and maintain these services, however, it must be considered the potential value these technologies will have to your property in the long run. 


Another perceived challenge is training staff to be able to assist with any technical issues. This will take time and a period of changing from old systems to new systems. This period likely means there will be a few issues for both guests and staff. Making tough decisions for hoteliers who must consider if these changes will bring value. 




With new technologies being developed every day and creating potential value for the hospitality industry it’s about finding the right fit for your property. For rural properties, it would be a great competitive advantage over other local properties if your property allows access to EV chargers. Other properties may find more value in adapting to a self-check-in system meaning a decrease in staffing costs and an enhanced guest experience. In closing it’s always important to consider the value these technologies can bring to your property in the long run, and not fall behind the the industry standards.

Blog Article

Benefits of an All-In-One PMS Solution

With numerous intricacies in the accommodation industry, it’s crucial to stay on top of various management tasks. This underscores the significance of adopting an all-in-one Property Management Solution (PMS) for hoteliers. There are several advantages to implementing an all-in-one PMS.

A Brief History of Property Management Systems

Property management systems first emerged in the 1970s and gained widespread adoption in the hotel industry during the 1980s and 90s. Despite the evolving landscape of the industry, the fundamental purpose of a PMS has remained consistent for over 50 years: enhancing property operations by automating manual and paper-based administrative tasks.


Reservation Management

Centralised reservation management enables properties to efficiently handle bookings, check-ins, and check-outs. This helps prevent double bookings and streamlines the guest experience. This process also allows for swift cancellation of bookings, which helps in efficiency maximisation.

Channel Manager

When a channel manager is active within your PMS, it allows real-time updates across all channels directly into your PMS, eliminating the potential for double bookings and increasing your reach. A channel manager also allows access to the GDS, which significantly increases corporate travel bookings. This tool is unique in maximising property efficiency, with automated reservation updates instead of having to do it manually.

GuestPoint Guide to:

Using GuestPoint Group Bookings

Group bookings have never been easier with GuestPoint! 

What are the benefits of utilising the group booking function?

  • Increased efficiency for your front desk
  • Saving valuable time for both guests and staff 

Creating group bookings shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. GuestPoint’s group booking function has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency for both small and large bookings. 

Creating a group booking is simple: 

  1. Hold down Shift and Click the rooms you would like to book
  2. The rooms you have selected will be highlighted in blue
  3. Release shift when you have selected all the rooms you want to book
  4. Fill out group details
Management Tips & Tricks

How to Increase Your Rate On OTAs


Why increasing your rates for OTA is important for your property. It is beneficial to consider reducing costs and focus on increasing your bottom line. For example, if someone were to book directly from your website you would get $100, however, if they were to book through an OTA you receive approx $85 (depending on the commissionable rate). In order to combat this, you can increase your price by 15% on that OTA so that if a guest books on that channel you can assist in covering booking commissions aiding in bottom line results. 

In order to change your rate it differs depending on which GuestPoint Channel manager you use:

Property of the Month

LFT Motels

This three property group has a range of properties and displays how effective a multi-property PMS can be utilised to create efficiency for your properties. 

Their three properties are as follows Forbes Town and Country Motor Inn, Forster Motor Inn and Heritage Lodge Motel.

Their properties boast an impressive one (1) 20-key property and the other two (2), 28-key. This is a testament to their hard work and management principles. 

Forbes Town and Country Motor Inn 

This luscious Forbes property is nice and peaceful in the stunning NSW countryside. This property displays the true beauty of a country property. Located adjacent to the Forbes Golf Course enjoy the views of their fairways and greens. With only a short drive to local restaurants and bars, this property’s location is everything a traveller should be looking for. With access to their saltwater swimming pool and the on-ground convenience of their own restaurant and function room. This property has it all!

Forster Motor Inn 

This coastal Gem is nestled in the heart of Forster, providing the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and warm hospitality. Located only a short walk away from the picturesque beaches of Forster and the adventure that is Wallis Lake your stay will be nothing short of relaxing. In addition to its location, the property has a swimming pool and a BBQ area set to aid in your dining plans. Their friendly team is also there to assist with tour booking and offer recommendations tailored to your interests.

Heritage Lodge Motel 

This warm and welcoming property located in the historic Charters Towers is nothing short of pure country beauty. This property boasts a fleet of facilities, with spacious parkland, an outdoor swimming pool and many outdoor eating and cooking options this property is tailored for the guest experience. Enjoy Charters Towers’ rich history with mining, pastoral and World War II heritage that can be explored by all visitors. If exploring the QLD countryside is more your speed the Burdekin River is another close option that is bursting with natural beauty.

LFTMotels GuestPoint Experience 

The decision for LFTMotels to use GuestPoint’s all-in-one solution was a simple one, stating “GuestPoint has never compromised the essential functionalities of a powerful PMS.” With our PMS they felt like their fingers were always on the pulse of their business due to our plethora of solutions available. Highlighting areas such as the Channel Manager, our PMS and financial reporting just to name a few. Showing the effectiveness of GuestPoints All In One PMS, and how it can be useful for multi-property users.

New Updates (October) 


  1. New Booking Tooltip 


Booking Tooltip: This would show certain key data from the booking when you hover over the booking on Resplan. This can be turned off using the settings cog on the top left hand side of Resplan.

  1. New Multi-Property Switching Feature 


Multi-Property: Additional User permission functionality for multi-property portfolios has been added. Contact our 24/7 Support team.

It contains the following improvements:

  1. The card Vault has been optimised based on customer suggestions. 
  2. Optimisation to nightly rates grid on New Reservation/Edit Reservation. This would improve the performance of the nightly rates grid for long range bookings.
  3. Optimisation of the calculation of booking’s account and departure balances on Edit Reservation.

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GuestPoint Trivia 

Before being named Melbourne, what was the city known as?

A) Spiderville 

B) Batmania 

C) Melbournia 

D) Rooville

B) Batmania—named after John Batman who built a settlement on the Yarra River.

Simplify your operations, manage your revenue, and create great experiences with GuestPoint.

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