Payment Security

Payment security and fraud protection for your property is vital. Below is the security measure GuestPoint takes to ensure safe payments for your business. 

Cyber Security Tools

3D Secure 2.0

Helps to reduce fraudulent transactions, streamline the checkout experience, and increase fraud chargeback protection. Helps to fight:

  • Fraud chargebacks
  • Card testing
  • Validate genuine customer transactions
  • Cart abandonment


Actual card numbers are not used for online transactions. Instead, they are replaced with randomly generated strings of numbers called a ‘token’. Helps to fight:

  • Protect card data
  • Prevent data leaks

What is 3D Secure 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) is the second version of a security protocol that adds a layer of authentication in the online Card-Not-Present checkout process to verify cardholders’ identity before authorisation, utilising biometric authentication and OTPs.


3D stands for “three domains” that process a secure payment:


○ Issuer (the bank which issued the card) where transactions are

○ Acquirer (the merchant and the bank which gets the money) where 3D
Secure transactions begin

○ Interoperability domain (provided by the scheme — Visa, Mastercard etc.)


3DS2 was initially designed and commercialised by VISA in 2001 (as Verified by
VISA) and later it was licensed by MC (SecureCode), JCB (J/Secure), AmEx (SafeKey).

How Can We Help Reduce Card Fraud

● All-in-one payment processing solution

● Payment details are meticulously analysed

● Hundreds of parameters, including basic device fingerprinting and
transaction history

● Real-time customer authentication embedded into the transaction.

● Leverages the latest payment security (OTP, Biometrics) to validate Purchases

● Fraud chargeback protection via a liability shift from the merchant to the card issuer.