Exploring The Advantages of Connecting Independent Australian Properties to the GDS

The GDS (Global Distribution System) has consistently served as the primary hub for fulfilling corporate travel requirements. Its user-friendly interface has opened up doors for numerous players in the accommodation industry, granting them access to previously untapped markets. In this article, we’ll delve into how harnessing the power of the GDS can propel you and your properties to unparalleled success.

What is the GDS?

The Global Distribution System (GDS) acts as an essential reservation platform, bridging the gap between travel bookers and a range of suppliers, including hotels, accommodations, and various travel-related services. Predominantly used within the corporate travel domain, the GDS streamlines the user experience by providing an integrated interface that showcases flights, hotels, and car rentals.

What Are the Major GDS Softwares?

There are several major global distribution systems that house and process the vast majority of data from hotels, airlines, and other distributors. These include Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Apollo, and Pegasus. However there are many technology providers that help hotels tap into these GDS’s and by extension the thousands of travel agents and travelers across the world.

Benefits for Motels

For motels, utilising the power of the GDS offers several advantages, with the foremost being a significant increase in demand from corporate travellers. The GDS, especially as offered by THN (The Hotel Network), proves to be an exceptionally cost-effective solution tailored for smaller regional or remote properties. This effectively catalyses heightened corporate and government bookings.

Properties located near airports can amplify the benefits gained from GDS integration. This strategic location facilitates the creation of enticing bundled packages that seamlessly combine invigorating hotel stays with convenient airfare, providing travellers with a comprehensive and appealing experience.

The Global Distribution System (GDS) significantly broadens the exposure of motels. It connects them with travel agents worldwide, ensuring that these properties are visible to a diverse audience. This translates to a consistent flow of potential guests actively seeking accommodations, enhancing the motel’s occupancy rates.

GDS offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional marketing. It eliminates the need for costly advertising campaigns and resource-intensive efforts. Motels can redirect their resources toward improving guest experiences and competitive pricing. Additionally, GDS’s wide reach increases the motel’s market visibility, leading to more bookings and revenue growth.

Case Study - Royal Motel Miles:

A compelling example is the Royal Motel Miles, where the impact of GDS integration was clearly evident. In August 2023, the GDS played a pivotal role in driving an impressive increase of 74 additional bookings for the Royal Motel Miles. This success story directly resulted from the symbiotic partnership between GuestPoint’s advanced Channel Manager and the GDS.

How Can GuestPoint Help You:

GuestPoint takes the spotlight with an innovative and groundbreaking channel manager that provides seamless access to the Global Distribution System (GDS). This was accomplished without incurring any associated costs. This groundbreaking approach ensures that even smaller rural properties can effortlessly tap into the immense potential of the GDS, thus opening doors to a surge in bookings and a consequential boost in revenue.


In essence, integrating the GDS becomes a transformative proposition for rural properties, with the Royal Motel Miles serving as a noteworthy example. GuestPoint’s pioneering channel manager acts as a conduit through which such properties can seamlessly interface with the GDS, setting the stage for a significant increase in bookings and an overall enhancement in financial inflow. This signifies a pivotal stride towards harnessing the omnipresent power of the global travel market, highlighting the undeniable connection between technology, strategic partnerships, and thriving business outcomes.

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