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Easy Search

Easily search and find any individual, group or company on one screen.

Fast Check-in & out

Perform quick check-in and check-outs with a few clicks.

Reminder notes

Add reminder notes on the To Do list so you don't forget a thing.

Reservation Plan

From the moment you start using GuestPoint® you will have access to a wealth of real-time information about your property. Most of your time will be spent on the Reservation Plan (Tape Chart), where you can instantly see occupancy levels, room availability, check-in status, competitor intel and much more.

The “At A Glance” screen can be popped-up with just one click to give you the most up-to-date information about what is happening in your property today and tomorrow.

In addition to standard reports the Dashboard provides access to current and historical data about revenue, occupancy and bookings in a clear graphical format. The gauges give you instant information about key performance indicators. It also includes a Sales Analysis Tool to help you put in hypothetical targets and see what the impact would have been on your sales.

If you are mobile, the GuestPoint Remote iPhone app and website gives to access to real-time information about your property including new bookings, occupancy and quick audit that performs a number of financial checks, detecting any anomalies occurring while you’re absent. It is perfect for remote owners or managers on holidays who need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their property’s operations.


Our online bookings have been steadily increasing and we now have excellent web presence so our guests can find us easily on page one via Google results. We use the WebPoint booking engine via GuestPoint to easily manage our online customers and Webpoint CMS to create our website love how its all in one place.

Darren Keenan, Managing Director
Noosa Sun Motel

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