September 2023 Newsletter

September 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the GuestPoint Newsletter! In this month’s issue, we dive into innovative solutions for energy efficiency, explore the transformative concept of mobile-first indexing, and provide you with practical insights to enhance your property management experience. From handy guides and management tips to our Property of the Month, we’ve got your hospitality needs covered. Plus, don’t miss out on our brain-teasing trivia question at the end.

Industry News

What is the Best Way to Reduce Your Property’s Energy Output?

“Did you know, despite the fact that guest rooms are unoccupied 70 per cent of the time, they account for 40 to 80 per cent of hotel energy consumption?”

Reducing energy output from rooms that are unoccupied could have a significant impact on energy bills.

Guestroom Management Systems (GRMS) allow accommodation providers to meet these needs, by managing energy output and also allowing guests to enjoy a seamless in-room experience.

What is a Guestroom Management System? And how does it help?

GRMS has full integration with other systems like Property Management Systems (PMS) and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), to create a seamless, interconnected ecosystem within the property.

Most GRMS use occupancy sensors and integrate them with door locks, ensuring staff know whether a guest is in their room.

Energy management has always been the primary driver for GRMS solutions, effectively making sure there is no wasted power when the guest is out of their room. This is achieved by reducing the air conditioning effort, relaxing the temperature range of the thermostat, or simply turning the air conditioning off altogether along with the lights and other powered devices. 

Blog Article

Mobile-First Indexing Explained

Google officially announced its shift to mobile-first indexing on March 26, 2018. This marked a significant change in how Google’s search engine indexes and ranks websites, prioritising the mobile version of a site’s content over its desktop version. The change was made to reflect the increasing use of mobile devices for internet browsing and to ensure that users receive relevant search results. 

Mobile-first indexing – a game-changing approach that places mobile content at the forefront. Google now crawls and indexes the mobile version of websites as its primary source of information. This shift highlights Google’s commitment to providing users with results that are tailored to their preferred device, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Now, you might be wondering: Why should accommodation businesses, like yours, prioritise mobile-responsive websites? The answer lies in the numbers:

  • Mobile Dominance: According to recent data, mobile devices account for over 50% of all web traffic worldwide. 
  • User Expectations: Studies reveal that users expect websites to load on mobile devices as quickly as they do on desktops. If a site takes more than three seconds to load, about 53% of users will abandon it. Mobile-responsive design directly addresses this expectation, ensuring swift and seamless access to your offerings.
  • Conversion Impact: About 45% of travellers now utilise mobile apps to book their accommodations and tours from their preferred mobile devices.

Explore the detailed impact of mobile-first indexing on our blog. Discover valuable services that GuestPoint offer to keep your property ranked competitively on Google.

GuestPoint Guide to:

Reversing a Charge

In GuestPoint, reversing a charge is easy! 


There are many reasons why you may need to reverse a charge. These reasons could include:

  • Error Correction: Mistakes can happen in any business transaction, including charging a guest for the wrong item or the wrong amount. Being able to reverse a charge allows you to correct these errors quickly and accurately, ensuring that guests are billed correctly and preventing disputes. Or;
  • Financial Accuracy: Accurate financial records are crucial for a well-managed business. The ability to reverse charges ensures that your accounting and financial statements reflect the true state of transactions


Reversing charges through a PMS should be a simplified process, saving time and effort. This efficiency is particularly important in a fast-paced hospitality environment where quick resolution of issues is essential. That’s why in GuestPoint, we’ve made reversing a charge as easy as possible.


To reverse a charge, simply:

  1. Double-click on the booking
  2. Go across to ‘room account’
  3. Charges made are itemized, and next to the amount is a red reverse button
Management Tips & Tricks

Balance Highlight

The Balance Highlight feature makes it easy to instantly see the payment status of a reservation without clicking on it. Instead, reservations are color-highlighted for quick reference. Follow these steps to enable the Balance Highlight feature:

  1. Click on the ‘Management Tab’ on the side of the screen.
  2. Click ‘Set-Up’.
  3. In the configuration section, select ‘Property’.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Reservations’ settings drop-down.
  5. Check the box labelled ‘Display balance highlight on the reservation screen’.
  6. Don’t forget to save your changes!


Now, when you view the Reservations Screen, you’ll notice colour highlights that provide at-a-glance information:

  • Red Highlight: Indicates guests who have checked in but still owe money.
  • Orange Highlight: Indicates reservations with a partial deposit.
  • Green Highlight: Shows reservations that are fully paid for in advance and not checked-in.


Reservations without any highlights are those where guests have neither checked in nor paid.

For a visual guide, watch the accompanying video. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of the Balance Highlight feature in Guestpoint!

Property of the Month

Sarina Beach Motel

Nestled perfectly along the Mackay beachfront, Sarina Beach Motel stands as a shining example of coastal hospitality. Enthralled by the impeccable service, unparalleled location, and the convenience of an in-house restaurant, guests find themselves immersed in a haven of comfort and luxury.

This establishment is not one to rest on its laurels; instead, it continually elevates its offerings to ensure an optimal experience for its patrons. Recent endeavours have witnessed a sweeping transformation, with revamped dining areas and a newly installed pool gracing the premises. Moreover, the dedication of the staff shines through their weekly training sessions, ensuring they remain attuned to the latest trends and guest preferences.

Central to the success of Sarina Beach Motel is its impeccable management. Their guiding principle, “stay innovative and explore avenues for revenue creation,” has become their cornerstone. A testament to this ethos is the ingenious introduction of bell tents for picnic packages—an enticing add-on to accommodation packages that has captured the imagination of their guests.


A recent turning point for the motel came in the form of embracing GuestPoint Pay—a decision that has propelled their business to new heights. Time-saving implementation, seamless processes, and a wealth of assistance have ushered in a new era of efficiency. The integration of powerful reporting tools, including daily and monthly reports, has empowered the team to maintain a firm grasp on their operational dynamics.

Among the array of features, GuestPoint Pay emerges as a treasured gem. The ability to execute transactions swiftly with a simple click of “charge the card” has not only streamlined financial transactions but has also eliminated the need to access sensitive credit card details—an invaluable security enhancement that underscores their commitment to guest confidentiality.

In essence, Sarina Beach Motel encapsulates the essence of a premier coastal retreat, where every detail is meticulously curated to offer an unparalleled experience. With a forward-looking approach to management and a seamless partnership with GuestPoint Pay, this establishment continues to redefine the benchmarks of excellence!

Need Support? 

Relief Managers
Richard Temple and RMT Solutions offer flexible and customised relief management solutions specifically designed for the rural and remote hotel/motel sector. RMT Solutions is a renowned hospitality company known for providing top-quality relief services to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry across Australia. They have a stellar reputation as suppliers of short-term, semi-permanent, and long-term relief options

For details, reach out to Richard:


Phone: 0412 567 214

Housekeeping and Cleaning Services
HH Services is a team of experts that specialises in meticulous housekeeping and cleaning, catering to Hotels, Motels, and Holiday Homes. Backed by customised packages, a proficient workforce, and environmentally conscious practices, HH Services ensures complete satisfaction while revitalising spaces.

For details, reach out to the team at GuestPoint for a referral/introduction

IT Services – Infogalaxy Global

Infogalaxy Global serves as a primary resource for a diverse range of cost-effective services. The company provides budget-friendly solutions encompassing Help/Service Desk, Remote Support, User Assistance, Ticketing, Technical Troubleshooting, O365 Management, VOIP setup, Software Support, Cloud Management, Software, and Mobile App Development. Infogalaxy Global’s expertise in automation guarantees proactive resolutions, effectively eliminating recruitment hassles and extensive technology costs.

For details, reach out to the team at GuestPoint for a referral/introduction

GuestPoint Trivia 

Australia is a big country, which means flights within the country can be long. What is the longest domestic flight in Australia?

A. Brisbane to Perth

B. Darwin to Hobart

C. Hobart to Perth

D. Sydney to Broome

Correct Answer: Brisbane to Perth. While it’s nothing compared to long-haul flights Aussies take to get overseas, flying direct from Brisbane to Perth takes 5hrs 45m.

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