Easy-to-use Reservation Plan with GuestPoint

The Reservation Plan contains all of your current, future and past reservations.

You can:

  •  Easily search and find any individual, group or company
  •  Quickly make new single, multi-room and group reservations
  •  Access guest accounts
  •  Perform quick check-in and check-outs
  •  See key information on the At A Glance pop up
  •  Add holidays and events to your date bar
  •  See your occupancy in real-time
  •  Add reminder notes on the To Do list
  •  Watch competitor rates
  •  and much more..

“GuestPoint® Reservation Plan, and automatically allocating the rooms, we no longer have to print out email advices or have to enter any of the guest details, which has streamlined the whole process too.”


- Don, Panorama Motor Inn