Easy to use

With just two hours training, you will be organizing everything from reservations to guest check out.  

Information at your fingertips

Gain access to a wealth of real-time information about your property.

Complete online integration

GuestPoint® safely immerses your property into the online world. 

Access locally or in the cloud

You can choose to run GuestPoint at your property or in the cloud. 



Maximize revenue

GuestPoint includes powerful yet easy-to-use tools to assist in your Yield Management Strategy. 

Simple group management

From the initial quote and holding of rooms, through group check-in and group check-out, GuestPoint makes things easy.


Secure Credit Card Vault

GuestPoint includes a Secure Credit Card Vault that stores key credit card details in an encrypted database at the secure Centium data center.

Accounting made easy

GuestPoint has useful tools to keep track of all of your accounts.



Streamline housekeeping

Our smart housekeeping system keeps you updated on housekeeping at your property.


Access GuestPoint on multiple devices at your property. There is no additional charge for additional users.


Easy to get started

The team at Centium has a streamlined procedure to make the whole process flow easily and logically.

24/7 support

Our team of support professionals will help solve your questions quickly. And, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.