We'll guide you through every step with GuestPoint


Getting started with GuestPoint® is easy. The team at Centium has a streamlined procedure to make the whole process flow easily and logically.

After your order is processed, the first step is to configure the software. Our dedicated implementation team works with you to understand the layout of your property, and actually configures GuestPoint for you.

Training is the next step. Centium has carefully designed a series of online training videos and learning guides for you to use, followed by personalized, one-on-one web-based training.

Once you are comfortable GuestPoint is turned on in Learning Mode. This allows you to run hypothetical scenarios using your GuestPoint system and to make any adjustments to the set up that you need.

While you go through the training, our team works in the background to do the final pieces of preparing GuestPoint for you. This includes Data Conversion (if contracted) and channel management integration.

When you are comfortable, you’re switched out of Learning Mode and ready for your first bookings!

We are here to help with automatic data backups, 24/7 support and ongoing product upgrades.

Once we finish your implementation of GuestPoint, you will have the following checklist complete:

  •  GuestPoint installed on as many computers at your property as you require
  •  GuestPoint fully set up and ready to go, including room configuration, stationery, rates, etc.
  •  Your online booking page and mobile booking page set up and ready to start taking bookings
  •  Your Facebook booking page set up and ready to start taking bookings
  •  Connection to your Channel Manager
  •  Connection to your telephone and point-of-sale systems (optional)
  •  Existing customer data loaded (optional)
  •  Future reservation data loaded if you are changing from a compatible system (optional)
  •  Access to the training videos and User Guide
  •  Access to the secure Credit Card Vault to securely store customer credit card data
  •  One-on-one personalized training in how to use GuestPoint
  •  Access to ongoing 24/7 telephone support provided by a Centium team member (not outsourced)
  •  Automatic data backup in the secure Centium cloud server

“I must say, the Customer Support team at Centium were really good, they were very prompt in their response times and provided fantastic service. We found the implementation and transition to GuestPoint a breeze.”


- Darren & Jackie, Noosa Sun Motel