Manage All Your Accounts

Keeping track of your accounts and making sure you have charged customers correctly has never been easier. GuestPoint® allows you to easily correct any mistakes in the room account, and keeps a full auditable history of changes.

With GuestPoint, you can easily transfer charges to another guest, company account or travel agent account. GuestPoint also allows easy one-click invoicing of room charges to a company debtor account. You can also email invoices and statements.

There is a wealth of financial reports available and GuestPoint can export your revenue and banking to your accounting system.

  •  Email invoices and statements
  •  Track accounts receivable payments
  •  Easy-to-understand reports
  •  Non-residential accounts

"GuestPoint offers the highest level of customer service that we could ever ask for from a company. It is packed with tools and information that give me back some of my time that would be spent calculating and preparing documents."


- Jolly Roger Motel