All the accounting you need with GuestPoint

The Accounts tab is where you can easily manage Debtor Company Accounts, Non-Residential Accounts for functions and conferences and Gift Card accounts.

You can:

  •  Email or print invoices and statements for Debtors
  •  Quickly process payments
  •  Easily find Debtors
  •  See up-to-the-minute summaries of Debtors, Non-residential and   Gift Card accounts
  •  See running Daily Revenue and Payment summaries
  •  Manage Gift Cards
  •  Find detailed financial statistics reports
  •  and much more..

“GuestPoint® has also significantly reduced the volume of paperwork. Instead of having to print out, then post payment receipts, now I just email them straight out of GuestPoint, same with room accounts and invoices.”


- Bruce, Golden Chain Poinciana Motel